200-110: Information Systems For Business

Almost all programs in business require students to take a course in something called information systems. But what exactly does that term mean? In this course, you will be introduced to the concept of information systems, their use in business, and the larger impact they are having on our world. The course is designed as an introductory one, meant for those with little or no experience with computers or information systems. While sometimes the descriptions can get a little bit technical, every effort has been made to convey the information essential to understanding the topic while not getting bogged down in detailed terminology or esoteric discussions. The course is divided into three parts: 1. What is an information system?, 2. Information systems for strategic advantage, and 3. Information systems and beyond. Each unit in the course begins with a list of the relevant learning objectives and ends with a summary. Following the summary is a list of study questions that highlight key topics in the unit.