100-140: Marketing In The Digital Era

Today, no marketing strategy is complete if it does not incorporate digital strategy and expression. Understanding digital requires thinking beyond any one tool or channel, and towards an exchange of value: an economic system trading with attention as currency. Digital is not just a set of marketing channels – it’s a different way of thinking about how people engage with media, each other and the world around them. Digital enables you to segment your audience and customise messages in a valuable and measurable way. The availability of information, our inherent desire to contribute, and user-friendly technology have rewritten the rules of engagement. People are not passive consumers; they are empowered as publishers, editors and commentators. The conversation is multi-directional and usually not started or controlled by brands. Bud Caddell defines ‘digital’ as “a participatory layer of all media that allows users to self-select their experiences, and affords marketers the ability to bridge media, gain feedback, iterate their message, and collect relationships” (Caddell, 2013). In other words, digital is a new way of exploring content for users and connecting with customers for marketers.