100-130: Organizational Behavior

The field of management and organizational behavior exists today in a constant state of evolution and change. It focuses on the dynamic nature of organizations in today’s ever-changing business environment. The Organizational Behavior course is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the introductory course on Organizational Behavior. This is a traditional approach to organizational behavior. The course outline was designed to address two main themes. What are the variables that affect how, when, where, and why managers perform their jobs? What theories and techniques are used by successful managers at a variety of organizational levels to achieve and exceed objectives effectively and efficiently throughout their careers? Management is a broad business discipline, and the Organizational Behavior course covers many areas such as individual and group behavior at work, as well as organizational processes such as communication in the workplace and managing conflict and negotiation. The course presents a balanced approach to gender and diversity throughout and use both male and female in alternating chapters when referring to generic managers or employees.