The Monarch Modular BBA is an innovative program that allows Candidates to complete a fully online BBA Program in a sequential manner with a great deal of flexibility and with little financial risk.

Candidates progress through the program on a course-by-course basis. Each course has a fee paid before the module is started. This way, the financial exposure of the program for the student is limited to the cost of each module. The program is designed to be completed fully online and independently by the student in an asynchronous manner. Students progress at their own pace and may take breaks between courses. The program covers material considered to be essential to acquiring the fundamental knowledge of commerce and business. Contemporary themes covered include: Management Performance, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, The Importance of Culture, Social Issues in Management, Marketing, Economics, Business Law and Global Business & Strategy.

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The Monarch Modular BBA program is created to provide international students the opportunity to follow a fully online Swiss business program and obtain the Bachelor of Business Administration degree. The program is designed to cover all aspects of commerce and administration important to operating in today's competitive environment. Participants completing the program will obtain a strong understanding of business fundamentals. Students will obtain completion certificates for each module and the cost of the program is spread out before each module for the greatest affordability and flexibility. The financial risk of starting the program is minimal. Commitment to the program is on a course-by-course basis and students may continue or cease the program at any time. These attributes truly make the Monarch BBA program one of the most satisfying for students.

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson - Dean of the School


Participant progress is assessed through a mid-term and final exam for each course. Multiple ungraded chapter quizzes enable the participant to prepare for the exams. All exams and quizzes are fully online.

Modular Design

Participants progress through the program on a  course-by-course basis. Course are paid for individually before beginning. Total program cost is spread across the program duration.


Monarch Business School is Triple ISO Certified with the Bachelor program accredited by EQAC-The Education Quality Accreditation Commission.

Diversity & Inclusion

With students from over 90 different countries of the world Monarch is truly a global Business School with diversity and inclusion as a core value.

Certificates & Degree

Students receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course. The BBA degree is issued upon the completion of all required courses.

Professional Focus

The BBA program is designed for aspiring professionals. The structure and knowledge gained is directly applicable to a working environment.

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NobilsPlus+ LMS

NobilisPlus+ is the learning management system and central hub for your studies. It is also your passport to success in your program at Monarch. As a business school technology is key to the smooth completion of your studies. Monarch has used digital technology as a driver for academic success within its various programs since its inception. From NobilisPlus+ you can access online all course materials and exam requirements in order to complete the coursework. NobilisPlus+ is available as a mobile application.

The Modular Bachelor of Business Administration program designed to allow the completion of a fully online BBA program by module through the NonbilisPlus+ Learning Management Platform.


The program contain 15 courses based on specific learning around important scholarly management domains. The program is broken down into 3 main themes: 1. Business Fundamentals, 2. Managerial Decision Making, and 3. Global Business Strategy.  Candidates begin with the first course and move sequentially through the curriculum. Course certificates are issued at the completion of each course. Courses are based on an 10 week standard duration, or 8 learning units along with two 1 week exam periods.

Learning To Learn Online

Included free of charge for all students is the Learning-to-Learn Online course that assist students on how to most effectively study at a distance through internet technology. The course taken at the beginning of the program ensures the greatest opportunity for success by developing the skills and attitudes needed to succeed.

The Modular BBA program has enabled me to start studying business without having to worry about a large tuition payment. I can start each new course and pay only for that course. I can move through the program at my pace. When I have more funds available I can continue on to the next course. The flexibility of the program allows me work various jobs while I build towards my future. With a Swiss Bachelor degree new doors will open for me. I know that I can make a difference and the Monarch BBA degree puts me one step closer to achieving my long-term goals.

Steven Akinteye - Modular BBA Candidate

Study From Home

The Fully Online program structure enables you to study from home, from work, when traveling or from anywhere. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

Partial Completion

Course certificates are provided after the completion of each course. This ensures that if you are not able to complete the entire program you will still receive evidence of your achievement.

Program Fees

The fees of the program are paid before each course. Each course fee is 275 Euros. Financial risk within the program is limited to the cost of each course. Students may elect to continue the program after each module is completed.


BBA graduates are eligible to enter the Master programs at Monarch upon successful completion of the BBA program. Automatic entry is valid for a period of 5 years.

Accreditation & Certification

The Bachelor of Business Administration program is accredited by the EQAC-The Education Quality Accreditation Commission in Europe. Monarch Business School Switzerland is the first distance-learning business school to achieve triple certification by the International Standards Association (9001, 14001, 18001). Monarch Business School is a member of EFMD-The Premiere European Accreditation Agency, ACBSP-the Association For Collegiate Business Schools & Programs, CEEMAN-The Central and Eastern European Management Association and ACUNS-The Academic Council of the United Nations System.

Program Start Date

The program is based on rolling admission and may be started at any time. Students may take breaks between modules as they wish.


Students have up to 6 years to complete the program. Students may interrupt their program of study at any time and resume at a later date. Each course is independent and may be started at any time. Full-time students may complete several modules at the same time.

Study Mode

The program is completed online using the Monarch Learning Management System know as NobilisPlus+. There is no requirement to attend on campus.


The program may be started by students 18 years and above who holds a high school leaving certificate. Mature students wishing to complete the Bachelor degree are also encouraged to join.

Tuition Fees

Courses are paid for on a course-by-course basis. The current module fee is 275 Euros.

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