Donations are an integral part of the support of the school. Alumni are asked to support the school through the various initiatives available. Supporting your school and helping it thrive is appreciated by all. Whether that means helping us support Kiva, Rooms to Read, student scholarships, providing library services or keeping this website operating  Alumni support is critical. All Donators will be recognized on the Alumni website by name and mentioned during the Annual Alumni Dinner!

  • Monarch Fellows: Become a Monarch Fellow of the University with an annual donation of 1,000 Euros. The donation goes to support the many activities of the Alumni Association and the school. Donators are allowed to indicate their support by using the title of “Fellow of the University”
  • Monarch Crown Society: Become a Monarch Leader with an annual donation of 500 Euros. You may indicate your preference as to where you would like to see your donation go.
  • Monarch Leaders: Become an Alumni leader when you donate 250 Euros a year to help support the many initiatives of the school.
  • Monarch Supporter: Become a supporter of Monarch with a 100 Euro donation.

All donations of 100 Euros and above provide the donor with the use of a Monarch email account, online drive of 30 GB, online applications including presentation software, a word processor and spreadsheet for a 1 year period. And the email and application software is mobile ready enabling its user to receive and send from anywhere from a phone, tablet or computer. The interface is smooth, full with options and a joy to use.

The List Of Alumni Donor May Be Seen On The Alumni Website

Once the form below is submitted the Alumni Association will send you a Paypal payment link where you can complete the donation online with a credit card.

Alumni Support

  • Please chose your donation amount. All donations above 100 Euros will benefit from a Monarch email address, online drive, online spreadsheet, word processor and presentation software and additional mobile apps for a period of 1 year.
  • Please Include Any Comments.