Man looking at book cover Monarch Business School Switzerland makes extensive use of the historical research method for Doctoral and Master studies originating in both the English and continental systems. The thesis-based doctoral programs use the same designation as those at Cambridge and Oxford (“DPhil”) and are also considered to be equivalent to the German Doctor of Economic Science (Dr.rer.pol.).

Historically, all doctoral degrees were awarded through the defense of a manuscript submitted and presented to the University. Monarch Business School Switzerland continues this tradition with its thesis-only doctorate option. Candidates should be aware that thesis-based doctorates exist elsewhere and are not unique to UGSM-Monarch. For instance, they may be found in the systems and top universities of: England, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, etc. Interestingly, the thesis-only doctorate design never took hold within either Canada or the United States and is why most North American students are unaware of this interesting and flexible study option. Moreover, with the increasing predominance of the U.S. based Ph.D. design many students remain unaware that an alternative Doctoral stream is open to them.

Within the thesis-only programs candidates are paired with a faculty professor who follows and supports them in the development of their thesis/dissertation. An intimate relationship is thus created between the candidate and supervisor, one of skilled mentor and developing graduate. It is a relationship modelled on the classical academic relationship between professor and research associate. Within this construct candidates quickly begin to perform at a level where they are considered to be colleagues of the professors. This is why at Monarch the term “candidate” is preferred, as in “candidate professor”.┬áThe thesis-only programs on offer include the following:

Doctoral Level Thesis Programs

These programs are designed as 100% thesis based. The student in required to complete a quantitative and qualitative research methods course.

Master Level Thesis Programs