Dr. Antoniou – Professor of Tourism & Real Estate and Entrpreneurship


Dr. Christos Antoniou holds the position of Member of The Academic Council of Monarch...

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Academic collaborations are an important part of the overall strategy of maintaining current and applied application of the academic programs offered at UGSM-Monarch Business School Switzerland. Academic collaborations vary from the exchange of students and faculty members, the development joint or shared programs, the exchange of editorial members as well as the exchange of advisory positions on governing boards.


The University of Pretoria in South Africa and Monarch Business School Switzerland have created an academic collaboration with respect to Neuroscience and Management Theory through the Neuroscience Group of the University of Pretoria. Professors Justin Kennedy and Peet Du Toit head up the collaboration between the institutions. The University of Pretoria is one of South Africa’s oldest and most prestigious universities having been founded in 1908 as the Transvaal University College.


Makerere University Business School Uganda and Monarch Business School Switzerland have entered an academic collaboration for the development of joint programs, exchange of faculty and students, joint research and mutual participation within conferences. Established in 1922 as a humble technical school, Makerere University is one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities in Africa and was affiliated to the University of London until 1963.




The Australian School of Applied Management and Monarch Business School Switzerland have developed a dynamic collaboration to support innovative strategy and program development. The collaboration provides both parties with access to leading thinking across executive and graduate studies.



Neapolis University in Pafos, Cyprus and Monarch Business School Switzerland have created an academic collaborate with respect to research through the Monarch Management Journal and the Mediterranean eJournal of Communication and Media.


The Riga School of Economics and Business and Monarch Business School Switzerland have created an academic collaboration with respect to research and the transfer of faculty.


The National Technical University of Ukraine and Monarch Business School Switzerland collaborate on the exchange of scientific and joint scientific consultations to the Monarch Management Review along with the mutual invitation of teachers and research assistants as well as joint educational, research projects.


The Montreux School of Business Switzerland Monarch Business School Switzerland collaborate on the exchange and matriculation of students within the Master and Doctoral management programs.


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