The Master of Philosophy in Business Research degree provides the student with a solid grasp of all aspects of business research at the master level and gives the student the necessary skills to complete academic research. Students pursuing this degree are interested in examining business problems from a theoretical perspective and are capable of carrying out independent research. Most students entering this degree program have the intent of continuing on to complete the D. Phil. program.


The M.Phil. in Business Research is comprised of two research methodology courses taken immediately upon entry to the program. Once completed the student prefects their research proposal for approval. Once accepted the student enters the thesis phase of the program and works with their supervisor to complete the thesis work. When the final draft of the thesis has been approved by the student’s supervisor the student then submits the thesis for evaluation. There is no viva voce or committee defense required for the M.Phil. degree. The school also reserves the right to require individual students to sit for the viva voce where considered appropriate. The evaluation of this degree is 100% based on the quality of the final thesis submitted to the administration.

NormanMadarasz2-259x300The Master of Philosophy in Business Research program enables the Candidate to develop the required research skills in order to build a solid foundation for academic or professional inquiry. The M.Phil. degree is a critical junction where the candidate learns the important lessons and methodologies that will serve then for the rest of their career. The aim of the program is to develop strong candidates who can move forward to the next step at Doctoral studies or be a critical researcher in the consulting and professional fields.

Dr. Madarasz – Professor of Philosophy

Candidacy Phase (First 9 Months)

  • Quantitative Research Methodology Module
  • Qualitative Research Methodology Module
  • Research Proposal Perfecting Module

Research Phase (Next 15 Months)

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review
  • Chapter 3: Methodology
  • Chapter 4: Data Analysis
  • Chapter 5: Synthesis & Conclusions
  • Optional Presentation At Monarch Symposium

Program Start Date

The program has a rolling admission and be started at any time.


The standard duration of the program is a minimum of 24 months. The maximum duration is 48 months.

Study Mode

The study mode for the program is hybrid which includes distance learning modules along with the option of symposium attendance once per year. There is also a fully Independent-External study mode that does not include supervision nor attendance at symposium.


Candidates are NOT required to defend their thesis however they have the option of presenting their research during one of the Doctoral symposiums held in Switzerland.


Candidates register in the program on a yearly basis and are responsible to pay that year’s tuition fee on a quarterly basis in advance. All candidates may terminate a program upon 3 months written notice to the administration. There is an administrative transaction fee applied to all received wire transfers of 100 Euros.

  • Annual Tuition = 7,500 Euros (Paid Quarterly)
  • Dean’s Scholarship equal to 20% tuition reduction available
  • Independent study mode not available.

Program Open To

  • Graduate from accredited research-based and course-based Master programs.
  • Graduates from accredited undergraduate programs with an average grade of B or above.
  • Professional candidates at least 27 year of age (mature student standing) that can show a minimum of 5 years of supervised research oriented work and professional qualifications equivalent to a bachelor degree, i.e.: CA, CGA, CMA, CPA, CFA, MRICS, CMC, CIM or equivalent.


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