M.Phil. – D.Phil. Pathway

The Doctor of Philosophy program at Monarch Switzerland makes use of the traditional English style Master-in-Passing pathway. Master-in-Passing degrees recognize the work completed of a Doctoral candidate during their doctoral program that is otherwise equivalent in its own right to that of a Master level degree in the same subject domain. Master-in-Passing degrees are awarded at the time that the Doctoral Candidate successfully completes the equivalent work required of a master level program.

Master-in-Passing degrees are awarded once the Doctoral candidate has submitted the final draft of the first three chapters of the dissertation manuscript to the university and it is deemed to have passed the necessary requirements. At that time, the equivalent Master level degree is issued to the Candidate. The awarding of the Master-in-Passing degree (M.Phil.) is important for those students entering the D.Phil. program who only hold an Honors Bachelor.

It is important to note that if a Doctoral candidate does not progress beyond the point of the Master degree equivalency and thus does not complete the Doctoral degree they will still retain the Master degree obtained through the Master-in-Passing pathway.