A higher doctorate degree is a postgraduate research degree which recognizes a Candidates previously published  work in a stated field. A higher doctorate degree is typically considered of a higher standing than that of the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Higher Doctorates are not honorary degrees but are based on the merit of the work presented by the Candidate.

The awarding of a Higher Doctorate is based on the submission of a significant body of published scholarly work that establishes the candidate as a an authority in his or her area of research. Contrary to a Ph.D., which is based on unpublished work, Higher Degrees are based on work already published by the Candidate which is placed into the form of a manuscript that identifies the unifying theme and contribution of the material to the domain in consideration.

Higher Doctorates available at Monarch Business School


Higher degrees at Monarch may be awarded to those holding as a minimum a Bachelor degree from a recognized university and who may demonstrate a significant contribution to the field though a portfolio of published work. The Candidate must be able to show a research or professional career that clearly demonstrates a high level of knowledge and contribution in the domain under consideration.