Doctor of Philosophy in Business Research ProgramThe Doctor of Philosophy is the principle academic research degree. The Ph.D. program is designed for doctoral candidates who wish to study management theory from an academic standpoint and push the boundaries of the scholarship through a program of research. Candidates enrolled in the Ph.D. program have the intention of becoming professors or faculty members at an academic institution or as researchers in think tanks or government agencies.  If you desire to develop your research skills in a supportive environment we encourage you to submit an application and begin your academic training.

List Of Doctor of Philosophy Study Domains

A Research Orientation

The Doctor of Philosophy is specifically designed to provide candidates with the rigors of academic training in order to prepare them for a career in academics or similar environments. The focus of the program is to provide the student with a solid grasp of all aspects of their chosen study domain at the doctoral level. Students pursuing this degree are interested in examining the issues and problems of their specific domain from a theoretical perspective and are capable of carrying out independent research at a high level. Students entering this program have the intention of becoming professors within academic institutions or using their research skills within think tanks or government agencies.  The defining characteristics of the program are:

This Program May Also Be Followed Under The External / Independent Study Mode

  • Intimate Relationship Between Faculty And Candidates
  • Research Orientation
  • Dissertation Based
  • Methodological Understanding
  • Original Contribution To Research
  • Flexible Hybrid Study Mode

Dr. Norman Madarasz, Doctor of Philosophy in Business ResearchThe Doctor of Philosophy program enables the Candidate to develop the required research skills. At Monarch, we focus on each Candidate as an individual as they move through the program in order to develop them as potential faculty members. With intimate interaction between faculty members and fellow researchers there is a greater opportunity for success. The Monarch design has proven successful.

Dr. Madarasz – Professor of Philosophy

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Candidacy Phase (First 12 Months)

  • Quantitative Research Methodology Module
  • Qualitative Research Methodology Module
  • Research Proposal Perfecting Module

Research Phase (Next 24 Months)

  • Chapter 1: Introduction Module
  • Chapter 2: Literature Review Module
  • Chapter 3: Research Methodology Module
  • Chapter 4: Data Analysis Module
  • Chapter 5: Synthesis & Model Development Module
  • Chapter 6: Further Research Module
  • Candidate Defends Dissertation in Committee

Program Start Date

The program has a rolling admission and be started at any time.


Program duration is between 36 and 60 months. Candidates may terminate the program at any time upon 3 months notice to the administration.

Study Mode

The study mode for the program is hybrid which includes distance learning modules along with workshop attendance once per year.


Candidates are required to defend their dissertation on campus during one of the Doctoral symposiums held in Switzerland.


Candidates register in the program on a yearly basis and are responsible to pay that year’s tuition fee on a quarterly basis in advance. All candidates may terminate a program upon 3 months written notice to the administration. There is an administrative transaction fee applied to all received wire transfers of 100 Euros.

  • Monthly Tuition Fee = 1,250 Euros
  • Total Tuition Based On 36 Month Standard Duration = 45,000 Euros.
  • Total Tuition Based On 48 Month Extended Duration = 60,000 Euros.
  • Total Tuition Based On 60 Month Extended Duration = 75,000 Euros.


Program Open To

  • Graduates from accredited Master programs with +10 Years Management Experience;
  • Honors Bachelor students with first class honors may be granted admission on the prerogative of the Dean on a case-by-case basis.

Aurelia Ravet-Narayan, Doctor of Philosophy in Business ResearchI am a PhD candidate from France in the final stage of my thesis. Usually, before entering a PhD program one is asked to provide an academic proposal with the application, even if one doesn’t have any previous academic writing experience. This process can be challenging for a graduate from business or management science. At Monarch, you are guided from the beginning and the school assists you in creating your research proposal. You start the program by learning and understanding what research methodology is all about. Once this learning is integrated, you clarify and delineate the scope of your subject in an academic proposal. Then you are equipped to start the journey of a researcher-scholar. I am very satisfied with the program because it is streamlined. You are not lost in a cumbersome and blurred administrative process. The guidance from supervisors was clear and support from them is provided in a timely manner. The level of expectation is high and you are given the tools along the way to achieve your goal. You can also count on the support of your fellow students as a spirit of camaraderie reigns at the workshops. The Monarch experience is and will remain a tremendous step in my life.
Dr. Aurelia Ravet-Narayan – Doctor of Philosophy in Governance Graduate


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