EDBAThe Doctor of Business Administration program is specifically formulated to support high achieving professionals reach their potential. The DBA program focuses on developing a research based approach to managerial decision making. The program is designed for action oriented professionals looking to provide real world solutions to managerial problems. The ideal participant is a business owner, management consultant or business manager. If this refers to you or where you would like to be then we encourage you to submit an application and push your career to new heights.

A Theme Based & Practice Orientation

The Doctor of Business Administration program is designed around the completion of a Manuscript that focus on the current challenges facing business in today’s integrated world. Specific modules include:

  1. Coursework
  2. Research Plan Perfecting Module
  3. Manuscript Preparation
  4. Manuscript Completion
  5. Research Presentation

jeffrey-hendersonThe Modular design of the Doctor of Business Administration program provides a level of flexibility that enables even the most busy professional to be a success. The program focuses on developing the necessary research skills so that evidenced based decision making can be developed within the Candidate. This is a critical skill required of all successful decision makers.

Dr. Jeffrey Henderson – Dean of the Faculty & Professor of CSR Strategy


Participant progress is assessed through the submission of various assignments per module. The program concludes with the completion of a doctoral manuscript. There are no exams within the program.

Dual Degree (MBA / DBA)

Participants wishing to obtain the MBA-in-Passing while completing the DBA program will be required to complete 5 core courses: Managerial Performance, Principles of Accounting, Principles of Finance, Managerial Economics and Production Management as well as complete 50% the DBA manuscript to an acceptable Master’s equivalency.

List of Doctor of Business Administration Study Domains

Non-Business Candidates

Candidates entering the program from non-business faculties or lacking a business oriented Master degree must complete 5 core courses from the DOAM program as leveling courses.

Program Start Date

The program has a rolling admission and be started at any time.


The standard duration of the program is 36 months. Students may take up to 60 months to complete the program.

Study Mode

The study mode for the program is fully online. The manuscript may also be presented online. There is no requirement for a Candidate to attend on campus. However, Candidates may attend doctoral workshops on campus if they desire.

Program Open To

  • Graduates from accredited MBA programs.
  • Bachelor students with a minimum of 10 years managerial experience.
  • Candidates lacking the above with substantial managerial experience may be admitted to the program at the discretion of the Dean.


Candidates register in the program on a yearly basis and are responsible to pay that year’s tuition fee on a quarterly basis in advance. All candidates may terminate a program upon 3 months written notice to the administration. There is an administrative transaction fee applied to all received wire transfers of 100 Euros.

  • Monthly Tuition Fee = 973.00 Euros
  • Total Tuition Based On 36 Month Standard Duration = 35,000 Euros.
  • Total Tuition Based On 48 Month Extended Duration = 46,667 Euros.
  • Total Tuition Based On 60 Month Extended Duration = 58,333 Euros.


Francois Voschenk, Doctor of Business AdministrationMy personal requirements for a Doctor of Business Administration was a flexible distance learning program because of my busy work schedule. I have successfully completed several of the core course requirements of the DBA program, while still maintaining a balanced personal and family life. The completion of the courses built professional knowledge that is invaluable in my career and will greatly assist in the completion of my doctoral manuscript. The quality has been excellent through the culturally diverse professors from various countries over the world. The modules are both relevant in modern business context as well as intellectually stimulating in the enhancement of my personal growth. The commitment of the faculty members through the one-on-one interaction in the completion of assignments has been outstanding. They show a sincere interest in the achievement of individual goals in the pursuit of excellence. I am proud to be associated with Monarch and I am looking forward to the successful completion of my studies

Dr. Francois Volschenk – Doctor of Business Administration Graduate, South Africa


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