Congruency Wheel Applied Leadership & CoachingThe Doctor of Applied Leadership program is specifically formulated as an applied and practical study for the working professional. The DOAL program is designed to address the critical dimensions of effective leadership and coaching at an advanced level. The program provides a platform that enables the participant to develop as effective leaders and coaches by examining their personal skills, beliefs and value-sets as they relate to those with whom they interact. Participants will develop insight and skills to mature into more effective leaders and managers. If this reflects your orientation then we encourage you to submit an application and push your career to new heights.

 Applied & Practical

The program employs a blended learning methodology that includes one-to-one coaching, practical workplace application, applied leadership scholarship and individual reflection. Success in the program is defined as higher performance as a leader and coach in the real world of the participant’s existing workplace. The program covers material considered to be essential to applied leadership. Contemporary themes covered include: Ethics & CSR, Leadership, Change, Sustainability, Congruency, Personal Psychology, and Spirituality. The program is uniquely designed for the working professional who wishes to immediately apply the knowledge of the program back to their working environment. The program includes the following courses:

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Dr. York, Applied Leadership & CoachingEveryone is an individual and each individual has their own set of personally held beliefs and values. These beliefs and values may come into conflict with those of the organization. Personal mastery is the key to mediating this conflict and moving forward in a congruent manner. Monarch develops the necessary skills to enable candidates to lead this change process either in themselves or with others.

Dr. Donald York – Dean of Student Development & Professor of Leadership


Evaluation is concluded through the submission of papers and case studies. There are no examinations within the program. Candidates will complete a thesis of approximately 125 to 150 pages or 50,000 to 60,000 words.

Dual Degree (MOAL / DOAL)

Participants completing the course work portion of the program along with 50% of the Doctoral manuscript to the equivalency level of a Master degree will receive the Master of Applied Leadership & Coaching degree.

Program Start Date

The program has a rolling admission and be started at any time.


The standard duration of the program is 36 months. Participants may take up to 60 months to complete.

Study Mode

The program is completed online using the Monarch Learning Management System.

Program Open To

  • Graduates from accredited Master programs.
  • Bachelor students with a minimum of 5 years managerial experience.
  • Candidates lacking the above with substantial managerial experience may be admitted to the program at the discretion of the Dean.


Candidates register in the program on a yearly basis and are responsible to pay that year’s tuition fee on a quarterly basis in advance. All candidates may terminate a program upon 3 months written notice to the administration. There is an administrative transaction fee applied to all received wire transfers of 100 Euros.

  • Monthly Tuition Fee = 695.00 Euros.
  • Total Tuition Based On 36 Month Standard Duration = 25,000 Euros.
  • Total Tuition Based On 48 Month Extended Duration = 33,300 Euros.
  • Total Tuition Based On 60 Month Extended Duration = 41,667 Euros.


Lea Annandale, Applied Leadership & CoachingAfter considering various options to pursue my interest in management and leadership, I selected Monarch Business School as the most suitable for completing my doctorate. The DOAL programme, which is very practice-orientated, creates exciting new career paths and has enhanced my ability to lead with confidence. The programme is very convenient for students who work full-time, as you are allowed to study at your own pace. It offers a demanding curriculum and you have access to learning resources on-line any time you need them. I especially appreciate the dedicated faculty who provide excellent supervision and guidance.

Lea Annandale – Doctor of Applied Leadership Candidate


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