April-2018 Doctoral Workshop In Pretoria Great Success

Monarch Business School is happy to announce that the April Doctoral workshop recently held in Pretoria, South Africa was a great success. The purpose of the workshops is to give students the opportunity to present their research in front of their peers and faculty members. The research method is deconstructed and reconstructed in order to improve upon the work. The debates between concerning the methodology used are lively and students themselves assist each other a great deal in improving everyone’s work.

Study Domain Focus: Cyber Security

CyberSecurity is defined as the art and science of protecting communication and data transfer via the Internet media so that properly authorized persons and organizations can share data in a secure environment. Considering the web-like structure of the Internet, CyberSecurity includes the security of the data and the transfers at the origin and destination and at every intermediate junction or transfer point. CyberSecurity is closely allied with digital forensics which is the science of tracking and solving crimes after they are perpetrated. CyberSecurity is associated with legal defenses in a relatively loose way as the global nature of the Internet makes it almost impossible for any one country to bring to justice violators of CyberSecurity in another country.

Post-Doctoral Fellowship In Complex Systems & Managerial Decision Making

Monarch Business School is happy to announce a new Post-Doctoral Fellowship In Complex Systems & Managerial Decision Making. Managerial decision making within complex systems typifies the nature of business in a globalized world. Often these managerial decisions are complex in nature: you need to make multiple and interdependent decisions rather than a single, one-shot decision. […]

Independent External Study Mode

The Independent / External Study Mode is designed for candidates who either presently have a doctoral degree or hold an academic research background and wish to complete fully independent, non-supervised studies as an external student of the university.

2016 New Year’s Message From The Dean

Diversity, Innovation and Social Justice. At Monarch, we have over 30 nationalities present within the student body and teaching faculty. With this diversity comes a variety of views and counter views. Different ways of thinking are compared and contrasted by the very fact that the people with these views are from different cultures and have […]

Greek Language MBA Graduates For 2015

Monarch Business School is very happy to announce the graduates of the Greek language MBA program provisioned in Athens, Greece. The 2015 cohort is the third graduating class of the Greek language MBA. The program is directed by Dr. Christos Antoniou, Professor of Tourism and Management at Monarch. The proud graduates include: Ms. Maria Anastasopolou […]

Academic Collaboration With RISEBA in Latvia Announced

The administration of Monarch University is happy to announce that an academic collaboration has been concluded with RISEBA-The Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration in Latvia. Founded in 1992, RISEBA presently has over 3,000 students at the Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels in 17 different study programs. RISEBA and UGSM-Monarch are both members […]